Natalie G., San Francisco

Prior to working with Ashley, I was lost when it came to the next step in my career. I have been doing essentially the same thing for 5+ years and realized it was not what I want for a career, but I did not know how to move on to something different. I didn't even have an idea of what I wanted to do instead! Ashley was incredibly adept at helping me walk through my history and current situation to identify what was right in my current position and what wasn't. She helped identify possible fields of interest and ways to connect what I currently do to what I could possibly be doing instead.  Ashley provided excellent insight leading to discovering what I feel are my core employment desires and advised on different paths that could be taken to incorporate them with my personal interests. She really took the time to help me dig in to why I want what I want and that is one of the most valuable things I learned from her. Thanks to working with Ashley, I have a better understanding of what my goals are and how to start looking for solutions. Prior to our conversations, I constantly felt disheartened thinking about being stuck on the path I have been working down, but now I can start to see the options that are still available and that has renewed my drive. What really made this experience amazing was realizing everything I was learning could be applied to other areas of my life as well.  I feel far more prepared to tackle not just a career change but some life changes I had been putting off too. 


Melissa D., Washington D.C. Metro Area

Before I got coaching from Ashley, I felt confused and overwhelmed on where I wanted to take my career next. Right from the get go, Ashley's assessment of where I was at and where I wanted to go immediately put me at ease knowing I was in good hands. Coupled with her background in human resources, she not only gave me a great coaching perspective, but a great hiring perspective as well based on where I wanted to take my career. She's so friendly and warm and really gave me the personalized service I needed. She reinforced my confidence in my career search going forward and reminded me of how my strengths can guide me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is going through a career change or needing more clarity and guidance on what their career means to them. 


Jennifer, Florida

A friend led me to Ashley at the exact moment my career was falling apart due to circumstances beyond my control. I was at a major turning point and needed help deciding how I wanted to structure the next phase of my career. Ashley helped me to navigate this crossroad successfully. She helped me to stay calm in the midst of turmoil, articulate my strengths and interests, and focus my job search on careers that would meet my short- and long-term goals. Thanks to Ashley, I was able to find personal and professional satisfaction in a job instead of making imprudent choices during a time of uncertainty.