How to ask about next steps after an interview

So you got an interview or a phone screen (congrats!) and it went really well (congrats again!), but the interviewers didn’t mention anything about next steps and you forgot to ask. How can you find out where you go from here? I like to suggest what I call the “thank you follow-up.” It’s an easy and professional way to ask what comes next without sounding presumptive, demanding, or pushy.

I always recommend sending a thank you to anyone you interview with as well as whomever you worked with to schedule the interview, such as a recruiter or coordinator. Hand-written notes are unbeatable, but these days I think it makes more of an impression to follow-up quickly and unfortunately by the time your card gets delivered by the mail service, they’ve likely already made a decision on whether or not they want to move forward with you as a candidate. So send an e-mail and just make sure that it’s well-written and personable. I like this approach because it shows appreciation and professionalism as well as initiative and real interest in the opportunity.

Stuck on what to say? Here’s an example you can customize to your situation:


Thank you so much for scheduling my call/interview with NAME(S) yesterday. I really enjoyed the conversation(s) and I hope that he/she/they did, too. I would love to learn more about the role and I look forward to hearing about next steps if you believe that my background and experience could be a potential fit. If you need any additional information from me, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you again for the opportunity.

Best/sincerely/regards (whatever sounds most genuine to you),


Regardless of the outcome, you will have left them with a positive impression. Even if this isn’t the perfect fit, they’d probably be happy to consider you for any future roles that you might be interested in.

Good luck!